Tiger Claw Nail Gun

Tiger Claw Nail Gun


Tiger Claw Gun for Grooved Decking

The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation gun is the fastest way to install hidden fasteners into grooved decking. The tool features a unique nose piece that holds the hidden fasteners in the correct position every time, firing a screw nail, “Scrail”, through the clip into the joist – fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. On average, this installation gun will install about 40 square meters of decking in an hour.

For use with Trex HideAway.

Comes complete with owner’s manual, DVD, adjusting wrenches, and gun oil


To reduce the risk of injury, user must:

  • Always wear proper protective clothing (safety goggles, gloves, dust mask etc.)
  • Read Tiger Claw Gun instructions for proper set-up and operating instructions.