Composite Substructure

Composite Substructure

Install A Deck In Your Backyard This Weekend with WCT’s DIY System.

Benefits of WCT Composite Battens

Composite Batten 40x40x4880mm

  • They won’t crack like concrete, rot like timber or rust like steel, Termite resistant too.
  • Made from hybrid materials combining the best properties of both wood and plastic products.
  • Non permeable with a safety first design.
  • Good mechanical properties with curved edges and a smooth wood-like finish.
  • Competitively priced Composite Battens are easily fabricated. Drilled, planed and cut with the same tools as timber.
  • Used for as fully supported joists (40x40x4800mm) WCT Composite Battens are made from 98% recycled material.
  • The Composite materials are all non- toxic.
  • These sturdy Wood Plastic Composites come with a thermal buffer.
  • The perfect mix of materials used is an advantage in the harsh Australia Environment.
  • Composite Battens are the support you need when building your new deck.
  • Built to last! Built Aussie tough!

Where to use WCT Composite Battens

  • Under wood or composite decking.
  • Direct to paving, concrete or other solid surfaces – there is no need to rip up the paving to lay a Trex deck. This saves you time and money. You can also lift the deck up at a later date and still have your original pavers intact.
  • Bolted to steel a sub frame to save drilling through thick steel many times. This is a very successful commercial method that has been used in places like the massive public Trex deck built in Albany for the Anzac Centenary Memorial Infrastructure and visitor facilities.

Build a deck directly over a concrete slab or pavers

This can be achieved by using the correct material and is a very easy DIY system.

  • Pack up with stable, long lasting commercial horseshoe packers to level the deck and provide support for the battens.
  • Horseshoe packers 04
  • The lowest total height of a deck substructure and decking is 70mm. This is perfect for your alfresco that is usually 1 brick course (70-90mm) down to the paving. 5mm packer + 40mm batten + 25mm deck = 70mm.
  • Space your composite battens at 450mm centres, support the composite battens at 600mm centres. Screw the Trex decking down with Trex Universal Fasteners and Starborn Cap-tor colour screws.
  • Just remember not to have any stagnant water under the deck. Either have a fall for water run off the concrete or paving or drill a drainage hole in the lowest point.
  • Note: this technique won’t work for timber decking as there isn’t enough clearance for the required ventilation. Trex decking is perfect for this application of course.