Composite Deck Cleaner

Composite Deck Cleaner

It is said “You only need 2 tools to clean a Trex deck: a hose in one hand and a beer in the other”. Trex decking is now only available in the 3rd generation high performance capped decking. So a specialised cleaning product is generally no longer needed. But for those of you who purchased a 1st generation (un-capped) or a 2nd generation (pvc decking) then you will probably need this environmentally friendly cleaner.

Corte Clean® is a proven single solution for deep cleaning composite decks, jetties and fences! It will remove mold and mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, rust, tannins, tide marks, water marks and more. 1 packet of Corte Clean® generally cleans 28 square meters and maintains approximately 93 square meters of surface area.


When used at full strength, a single bag of Corte Clean® will clean approximately 28 square meters with two (2) repeat applications. Maximum strength is for cleaning composite decking of mold stains (black spots) or other difficult to remove stains when they are first noticed. Composite decking with deep stains generally require additional applications. Please consider purchasing double the Corte*Clean® for cleaning neglected composite decking or composites that haven’t been previously been Corte Cleaned®. Failure to thoroughly Corte*Clean® composites generally results in stains immediately returning.

For Routine Cleaning, a single bag of Corte Clean® will clean approximately 46 square meters, twice (2x) per year, Spring and Autumn. This is what is generally necessary to keep 1st and 2nd generation composites clean year-round. Composite decking located in environments that receive regular moisture may require additional Corte Clean® applications. Example: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Proactively Corte Cleaning® composite decking, before stains occur from seasonal moisture, is the key to spending less time and money keeping your composite deck clean. The ideal cleaning schedule may be fine-tuned as you learn more. We suggest at least twice per year to start.


  • Cleans all common stains in one cost effective product.
  • Prevents deep stains from occurring when proactively used.
  • Eco Responsible & Biodegradable.
  • Non-Corrosive to Structural Metal Decking Hardware.
  • Will not generally bleach/fade/weather composites beyond what occurs naturally.
  • No need to purchase expensive, laborious sealers or other products.
  • Proven effective by thousands of customers, and hundreds of testimonials
  • Works on all types of composite decking.



Corte Clean works on the follow composite brands. Listed in alphabetical order.
Alcoa decking, Amerideck decking, Astrodeck decking, Azek decking, Biowood decking, Certainteed Boardwalk decking, Choicedek decking, Cleverdeck decking, Correct Deck decking, Cosset decking, Decker decking, Diamond deck decking, Dura Deck decking, Duralife decking, Ekodeck decking, Elk Cross Timbers decking, Endurowood decking, Epoch Evergrain decking, Everex decking, Ezywood decking, Fiberon decking, Furturewood decking, Geodeck decking, Gossen decking, Greenland Composites decking, Horizon decking, Hybrideck decking, Innowood decking, Latitudes decking, Menards Ultradeck decking, Millboard decking, Millennium decking, Modwood decking, Moistureshield decking, Monarch decking, Natures Composites decking, Newtech decking, Nexgen decking, Nexwood decking, Oasis decking, Parairiedeck decking, Passport decking, Portico decking, Procell decking, Replas decking, Rhinodeck decking, Rightdeck decking, Rightwood decking, Smartdeck decking, Tendura decking, Terratec decking, Timberlast decking, TimberTech decking, Trex decking, Ultra Design Composites decking, Ultradeck decking, Urban Edge decking, Vekadeck decking, Veranda decking, Weatherbest decking, Xtendex decking, Zuri decking.
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